Our regular Sunday gathering on February 17th, 2019 took a little twist due to weather damage to the church electrical supply.

With the most generous support from the Galiano Lions Club we were able to reconvene at the Lions Hall and had a very productive Sunday liturgy and business meeting.

There were over 30 parishioners in attendance and our guest homilist was The Reverend Canon Doctor Blair Haggart, the Rector of St. Mary Magdalene on Mayne Island and the incumbent of our two point parish of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Margaret of Scotland.  Our Associate Priest Thomi presided at the Eucharist.

Following our Sunday liturgy there was a short meeting to round out the membership of the Parish Council of St. Margaret of Scotland.

Blair Haggart commenced this meeting by appointing Ralph Griffiths to become the Rector's Warden to support Thomi in her ministry among us.  This appointment was previously ratified by our Bishop Logan and is intended to be an interim appointment at the will of the Rector and the Rector's Warden.

An election was held for the position of People's Warden with two nominees:  Garth Walmsley and Lee Musselle.  Lee was voted in as the People's Warden and Garth was requested to accept the position of Deputy People's Warden which he accepted.

Phillip Grehan had earlier been appointed to be a member at large by Thomi and it was determined that the gathering would confirm that by a formal nomination, secondment and vote.  Passed.  

The 2019 Parish Council for St. Margaret of Scotland is as Follows:

Ex-Officio Members: As noted in the official Canon 6.9-G

1 The incumbent - The Reverend canon Doctor Blair Haggart;

2 Associate Priest in charge of St. Margaret of Scotland - The Reverend Tamsen Glover; 

3 The Rector's Warden - Ralph Griffiths;

4 The People's Warden - Lee Musselle (also acting as the Synod Delegate); 

Other appointments and / or elected members of the Parish Council:

The Deputy People's Warden - Garth Walmsley (also acting as Treasurer for the Parish Council);

Liturgical Assistant to the Presiding Priest - John New (this is an indefinate appointment);

Member at large - Sherri Koster

Member at large - Phillip Grehan

All of the above are entitled to a single vote with the clergy providing the tie breaking vote as required.