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A short reflection on John 14: 1-14 (in context)

 Reading the gospel passage this morning, I can’t even get past the first verse without wondering how Jesus friends could be anything but troubled, distressed, bewildered!  He’s just told them he will be leaving them soon. They don’t know exactly what that means, but Jesus does make it clear that they can’t come with him where he’s going. How hard for them to hear! After following him and being with him through all that’s transpired in the past three years, seeing him heal the sick, give sight to the blind, listening to him preach and teach; his presence being not only precious and dear to them, but the very ground of hopefulness in the future. And now he says he’s not going to be with them much longer. How could they be anything but distressed. How can Jesus say, “ Don’t let your hearts be troubled.”?

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