November 2018 Active Page Article:

By the time this issue of the Active Page is “on the street” so to speak, our local elections will be over.  We are all most fortunate to have such competent and dedicated people who will offer their time, experience and energy to improving our lives on Galiano Island.  (Mayne too!).   So on behalf of all of us I want to say a heart-felt thank you!  And please let us know how and when you need our support to make your dreams come true because in so doing you give life to our dreams too!   

Just a week ago, as of the writing of this article, we celebrated Thanksgiving at St. Margaret’s with lots of joyful singing and trumpet playing and some of the biggest squash I have ever seen in my life which Garth says came from his garden - I wonder what he is using as fertilizer - and how much squash soup there will be in the Walmsley freezer in the weeks and months ahead.  Never mind guess who is coming for dinner - guess what we are having for dinner?!  Thank you Garth.   

We are also getting ready for another celebration of thanks for the years of time, energy and creativity that Ralph Griffiths has given to St. Margaret of Scotland.  Yes.  Believe it or not Ralph is retiring, and, as we begin to pick up the many pieces that Ralph has held in balance over more than 25 years, we are seeing clearly how much he has done, everything from being the advisor and confidant to the clergy to arranging for the garbage to be picked up and the water delivered!  As a few of us are trying to create our Sunday bulletins, or “menus” as Ralph calls them, we appreciate first hand how picky and prickly it is to make all the things that need to make sense of our services for people into an easy and straightforward road map.  Thank you Ralph and Hans for your meticulous work!   

But Ralph’s biggest legacy is surely the Food Bank which he began many years back and is in my opinion one of the finest parish supported Food Banks around.  Working alongside Hans from time to time on Food Bank Fridays I appreciate how important this resource is to many people.  The gospels are filled with stories of Jesus and his followers teaching, healing and feeding - and instructions for continuing all these things.  Under Ralph’s leadership we have been able to be more faithful as feeders of bodies as well as spirits.  On behalf of the whole island Ralph, I am saying thank you!   

And speaking of the Food Bank, I mentioned last month that the church needs your financial support.  We are a small community trying to respond to many needs inside and outside the church.  We want to become more of a “community church” in the months ahead and so need not only your financial support but your ideas.  How might we be more useful in your lives and on the island?  Please pass your ideas to any member of the church or drop me a note at [email protected]  We are thinking of inviting interested people to a circle of conversation in the near future.  Please stay tuned.