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Already we are at the beginning of Holy Week: Palm Sunday starting the week marking Jesus entry into Jerusalem where shouts of joy quickly turn to calls for his crucifixion. 

I'm posting here the words and music for three of the hymns that we'd be singing together, if this year was like any other— which it most surely isn't. The fear, the uncertainties and the anxiety of the Covid 19 Pandemic continues. This means we're marking Holy Week in a way we never have before, and it certainly is making for deep and challenging reflection as I look to the Hope given us in Christ. 
I'll be posting some reflections here tomorrow (Palm Sunday) but wanted to get these hymns posted today (Saturday). Thank you to Ed Norman for recording the hymns on our pipe organ at St. Margaret's. 

See the attached files for the words to the three hymns and a separate attachment for the organ music.