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Remembrance Day 2018-11-11  

The Galiano Lions Club Hall

This was a most well attended commemoration organized by cooperation between the Galiano Lions Club and St. Margaret of Scotland Anglican Church.  

After opening remarks The "Rev" Thomi gave this Remembrance Address:

Today is the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War - what was hoped to be the war to end all wars.  In that conflict nearly 10 million military personnel died and over 10 million civilians.  Sadly it was not the war to end all wars after all.  Many of us have personal memories of this war and subsequent conflicts – for me it is my grandfather.  We honour these memories as we gather this morning.   

We could be forgiven the despair we may well feel as we face what seems like endless conflict throughout the world.  But to give into that despair would be to give in to evil - rather like the character Voldemort in the Harry Potter novels who sucks life and hope from those around him or the White Witch in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, or Darth Vader in Star Wars.   

But the Judeo-Christian tradition and many Indigenous legends call us to be people of hope.  If we feed the despair, we might feel it erodes our capacity to build a better world.  At our local school on Wednesday the students shared their peace posters - many of which are here.  The theme this year was kindness and it was truly inspiring and hope making to see the way the students portrayed acts of kindness in their lives - acts that clearly embody hope for making things better.   

New science shows us that energy radiates, is transmitted far and wide and so I believe that when we embody hope, peace, and kindness we can have a much greater impact on those around us and radiate that energy outward.  Even if this is all we can do in the interest of making a peaceful world I believe it is something that makes a difference.   

You may remember me telling you about my mentor Fr. Thomas Keating, who died just last month.  Fr Thomas taught us a prayer practice called centering prayer - akin to meditation in most spiritual traditions.   

We began our practice with three important sentences –

I release my desire for safety and security.  

I release my desire for esteem and affection. 

I release my desire for power and control. 

Fr. Thomas believed that these desires are at the heart of all conflict, everywhere – and, at the end of our retreat time, he sent us out to embody this practice, to change the energy of the world.  It is a daunting challenge - and in his memory I challenge you to take this on as your way to peace.   

Sit quietly…take a long slow breath and repeat to yourself:

I release my desire for safety and security. 

I release my desire of esteem and affection. 

I release my desire for power and control. 

Sit with this: -  as Mahatma Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 


The "Rev." Thomi then asked Helen Russell to come forward and recite the names of Galiano Island individuals who were involved in World War I and are on the Honour Roll.

This was followed by a very moving series of presentations both musical by members of CORO Galiano, a recitation of "High Flight" by Danny LeBlanc, addresses from the Buddhist Faith by Patrick Ramsay and the Jewish Faith by Jan Adler followed by a Celtic Blessing sung by John New.  

The gathering then proceeded outdoors for the laying of the wreaths on the cenotaph.  

The full program is available on the attached PDF file highlighted below.