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Summer has flown for some of us, and for others it’s been long and maybe lonely. Now, we’re settling into the September mode which means not only the beginning of term for students and teachers, but also ‘The Season of Creation’ for us as a church.

Along with others across denominational ‘boundaries’ this month is one to remember, celebrate and learn how to care for the world of which we are part. There are lots of wonderful resources online, and one is a magazine / PDF you can download here  with thoughtful information for sharing and reflection.

On the first Sunday of the season we celebrated with an outdoor service, and distributed drawings for colouring and reflection. The last Sunday of the season will include a special service of Blessing of the Animals, when you’re invited to bring your pets for blessing. We’ll gather on Sunday afternoon October 2, the closest Sunday to the Feast of St. Francis, and with songs, readings and prayer observe the day and bless our dear companion creatures.

All this we do with the awareness that the Covid 19 virus is still very much with us. We are following BC Provincial Health guidelines for safe gatherings, and in addition to this, and at the request of Bishop Anna, ask that if you have not been vaccinated, that you attend an online service rather than attending in person.  Here’s the link for Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, our Diocesan Cathedral’s services.

May the peace of God be with you always,
In the bond of grace,