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I am planning / intending to write a regular “update" for the St Margaret of Scotland Web site which can, I hope, address current and immediate events and issues. 


The immediate one is of course “The Big Storm” maybe not quite the magnitude of “the perfect storm” but certainly frightening nonetheless. 


What impressed me on both Galiano and Mayne is not only how well our first responders jumped into action but how creative people were in finding solutions to whatever came up. The description of the Solstice Dinner was a case in point. We were planning to attend but between the weather and wondering how it could happen anyway without power etc... we obviously missed Galianders rising to the occasion once again… though I’m told faces were a bit fuzzy lit only by the tea lights on the tables… and the food was very fine.  Those of us who have lived in bigger centers have likely had the experience of watching total strangers help each other when there is some kind of “disaster”… but the ingenuity and fearlessness of so many people on the island was truly inspiring. The “spirit” was clearly at work and given that one of the symbols for 'Divine Spirit' is a rushing wind… we obviously had lots of that and more!


Sunday at church was another example of improvisation. 


We had just chosen peoples’ favourite carols for the morning and were ready to begin the service, (which was way better attended than we had expected and so had not printed enough bulletins…)when click…the power was out….which meant the electric piano could not be played though the organ actually sounded all on its own for a few seconds… very eerie… like something from "Phantom of the opera”.  


Now many of you know that John New is blessed to have what is called perfect pitch… which means he can pull exactly the right note out of the air… and does so for me often if I am singing acappella in the liturgy.  So for everything we sang that morning John sounded out the first note loud and clear and away we went with gusto.  I was grateful for the window behind the altar which allowed a little light on the altar texts… I could have used one of the head lamps most of us have for emergencies… didn’t anticipate that for sure. 


The final piece of music “The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy” has a Caribbean rhythm and there we were all singing and clapping away with glee. A fine way to celebrate the spirit of the church and of Galiano Island!


New Year’s blessings to everyone!


Thomi Glover (The Rev….)


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