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The earth has fallen silent, and in the silence we read again of the one who comes riding on the donkey, amidst shouts 'Hosannah! – literally ‘save us now!’ 

Perhaps this is the most important Holy Week in our lives— important precisely because it is so different:  we are not gathering with others, joyfully singing, but apart, and isolated.

In the quiet, and isolation we might be able to reflect more deeply than ever, we might remember and cry from our own hearts, amidst our fear, and uncertainty, when our world is shaken, and changed 'save us now'! 

And we might in the quiet, on our own, wait patiently to notice just how the story— the ultimate good news— unfolds. This week, in the quiet we might dare to feel the dismay of seeing Jesus do the unimaginable when we had set our hopes on  him, maybe had hoped for some miracle— yet might we see in his death on the cross he saves us more fully than we could have hoped? 

This week we reflect on the downward movement of God-with-us, downward into the depths of suffering and death, not the imposition of power but the submission and disposition of love, the sharing of our burden, the sacrificing himself, *taking our burden* for us, so that we may share his joy, his life, his love.


For a simple order of service, you can download the pdf below.