A Church Without Walls
St. Margaret Church in the Community
Important Announcement
The Church Building is closed during the current Covid 19 Health Crisis, but the Church Community is very much open, present and active!

Safe in the arms of the Lord ....

We urge everyone in our Community and beyond, to stay safe, to pray for others and to reach out in other ways to friends and neighbours.

We will be providing prayers and reflections online, in this time of people searching for comfort.  

You can link by clicking here to go to the Events page and find online worship and other resources. 

A letter of Encouragement from Rev Sarah Tweedale is in our News Section.


In this Time of Uncertainty...Today's prayer for you
Sarah's message today... full text in the Blog

Merciful God,

In the stillness of our souls we listen for your voice to know again that you are God.  Quiet our restless hearts with the knowledge that you are near us, keeping watch over your own.  

Rekindle our faith and light the lamp of hope within our hearts.  Then take us by the hand into this day that lies ahead, for where you lead we can confidently go with Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

A Church need not have physical doors, in order to be "open"
Due to the health crisis, our Church is not holding services. But we are "open" to helping those in need or spiritual solace, guidance, food and support

The Church calendar has many celebrations, and many services.

At St. Margaret’s this year, like the rest of Canada and the World, it is ...

* a time of  reaching out, virtually, to friends and family.

* a time of reaching inward for serious reflection.

* a time of reaching to God for faith and strength in these difficult times.

We are working to find ways to provide help and support to our Community at this time. The Food Bank will be open and providing service to our neighbours in need. We expect this need to increase. 


Food Bank Ministry
Galiano Island's Food Bank is a Community Collaboration


St. Margaret of Scotland Church and the Galiano Food Programme of the Galiano Club are working collaboratively with volunteers to continue Galiano's Food Bank ministry.

In this time of crisis, help is particularly needed. Please give generously.