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We are blessed at St. Margaret's, to have visiting priests lead our services.

One of those, Reverend Eric Partridge, is visiting us on April 14, 2024.

A little about him: As executive archdeacon, Eric serves the diocese by assisting the bishop as requested, with particular emphasis on parishes in transition and parishes without permanent clergy. More broadly, Eric is responsible for Finance Committee and parish financial issues, clergy and parish support, Canons Committee, the Personnel and Compensation Committee (HR), and the Archives Advisory Committee.

Eric is a late-comer to ministry following a diverse career path that included teaching in public schools, college and university, practicing law, running a small business and finally acting as a senior bureaucrat in the British Columbia public service. He joined the synod office staff in September 2022, and he brings the skills and experience he gained in these various roles to the position of executive archdeacon.

Eric is married to Sara and together they have seven delightful children, eleven wonderful grandchildren and a springer spaniel, all of whom keep them joyfully busy.  

Passion: Sailing in the Gulf Islands
Favourite food: Jambalaya and cornbread
Least favourite food: Kimchi
Favourite book: A Prayer for Owen Meany
Favourite movies: Magnificent Seven, Schindler’s List