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This series of daily devotionals is prepared by my colleague and friend, and a part time Galiano resident. Paul and Mary have been attending St. Margaret's whenever they can be on the island. I'm very grateful for Paul offering this series of daily devotions for the month of April. I'll post them week by week as he sends them to me. 


Introduction:Welcome to Time For God. This is your series of daily devotional readings. They are published as the print version of a proposed audio program.  People sometimes ask: What is a devotional? A devotional is a short reflection. Others ask, What is its purpose?

This devotional, Time For God, is written by a Jesus-follower to assist you, the reader, to deepen your relationship with the Triune God.  Time For God helps you understand more clearly the reality of God’s activity in your daily life. Each devotional looks briefly at God’s Word, using bite-size bits of the Old or New Testaments. It invites you to take some time to gently chew it over. It asks you to pause, to reflect on some Bible wisdom, insight, or teaching. The foundational question that underpins each reflection is, Where is God in my story, today? 

Time For God encourages you to apply the insights you gain to your relationship with God, with others, and yourself. Allow these moments to empower, refresh, and support you. Trust that God will strengthen you throughout your day. Each devotional reading offers you personal insights about universal truths. They open up fresh ways to see God at work in your lived experience… day by day. 

Time For God devotionals end with some questions to ponder. A short prayer brings you into conversation with our Loving Savior. God speaks to you. He invites you to share your heart with Him. Each devotional encourages you to move closer to the Source of your Being, the Living God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  

Time For God reminds you that the Savior loves you fully and completely. This is true especially when you lose sight of Him if only for a season. If you miss God’s closeness, feeling isolated from Him, your devotional time assures you of God’s promise. You are never alone. Come alive again! Protect your daily devotional time. Remember, the Lord is with you. Daily devotionals grow your faith. Lean into Jesus. Trust him more today. Thank God, He cares for you! Receive the Holy Spirit’s comfort. Invite the Lord Jesus to lead you in each step of the path you tread today. 

Time For God gives you the gift of time. Take time to consider, weigh, and receive God’s personal love for you. He cares for you wherever you find yourself today. As I write, the covid 19 pandemic presently sweeps the globe.

Time For God devotionals are written and recorded in a special season of history. Health experts, the media, and governments warn us away from family and friends. Neighbors feel more like strangers. Social isolation grips us. For some, this time is a warm comfort blanket of solitude. Others fear those dark clouds that weigh them down. God speaks through His Word. His life-giving presence breathes life into your day. 

 Times like this may require you to give to, and receive, assistance from others. Loneliness, isolation, and distance may be nothing new to you. You may be frail or in your senior years. Perhaps you are young but you fear the future. You might be sick or infirm from an accident, physical condition, or a long-term challenge. Mobility may be restricted, or you may be confined to a hospital or a care home. You may find yourself, in your perception or in reality, sharing a double bunked cell or a seclusion unit. Whatever your sense of captivity, the Psalmist David affirms God’s nearness: For the Lord hears the poor, and does not despise His prisoners (Psalm 69:33). 

Today, know that God hears your cry. If you will let him, God will visit with you. He finds you exactly you are. Welcome him. Make Time For God. As you use these daily devotionals, draw closer to the Shepherd of your Soul. God bless you as you meet with Him today. Lean on His strength, taste his comfort, and know His love for you. 


Download each week's Devotionals at the links below. 

Week three will be added soon.