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Dear Friends,
Its already Friday again. I don’t know if you’re finding this, but I find its really hard to keep track of the days of the week in this weird and difficult time! I’m hoping that some routine will help. So Friday means sending the readings for Sunday and a few notes of news from the week.  I hope this helps. I’ve enjoyed preparing a couple of photos to include with the readings as my focus for reflection this week (and which I plan to send on Sunday morning) is on the gospel reading: the two walking along the road to Emmaus,  tired and bewildered by the recent events.  So, I’ve included two different photos of ‘the road’ to augment our reflecting on the road we are walking. 
This week I attended, by Zoom online, a wonderful clergy meeting with Bishop Logan. It was informative and encouraging. Fifty five people all on line together is another new experience for me. But most importantly it was good to hear from Bishop Logan as he prepares for his retirement next week.  As well as offering encouragement to us all, we were updated on the process of the Episcopal Transition, the postponed election of the new Bishop,  how the interim period will be managed, financial assistance available for some parishes, and other details of administration during this time of physical distancing— or as one friend has now coined it, ‘care-spacing’. 
This week also brought the horrific news of the tragic killings in Nova Scotia. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost dear ones, and to those who have been traumatized by the events. We are including them in our prayers for sure. The impact and reverberations of this will continue for them and for all of us, as we reel with the realities of the world we inhabit. 
At the same time as we have witnessed the inexplicable awfulness of the violence in Nova Scotia,  we also have witnessed this week the continuing generous, sacrificial work of health care professionals, first responders, and community leaders in the ‘battle’ against Covid-19— our own Galiano Heath Care Centre, and Emergency Response Teams included. I’ve seen some signs along Porlier Pass Road saying ’Thank you’ to the helpers! Wonderful. And we need to remember too, to thank those who are keeping the food and supplies coming to us, and available to us in safe ways. They are all doing an amazing job. Let’s include them all in our prayers. 
I hope you are managing okay, and if you do need help or just a contact, please be in touch by phone, or email, or messenger. 
Meanwhile, I am thinking of you,  praying for you, and for the  safety and health for all in our community, 
In the bond of grace,