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I hope this email this week finds you in safety and being sustained in good health. With the need to be church ' together-at-a distance’, I am sending a "letter of encouragement" to you all.

Who would ever have thought — how quickly and thoroughly circumstances change. As the season of Lent began, just four weeks ago, we had no idea what we’d be dealing with now, with anxiety, uncertainty, and isolation. Worry for each other, our children, whatever their ages; fear of the unknown, the unknowable; a sense of helplessness in the face of a viral enemy;  an awareness of our interdependence, and our need for cooperation in keeping one another as safe as possible.
My letter holds my hopes for all.

With love, in the bond of God’s grace, 
Sarah T

NOTE: To read the whole letter, please click on the link below, or download it from the link below.