That was the storm that was

And it did not spare our cemetery

The very severe wind storm that struck the Southern Gulf Islands this past week created real havoc on Galiano Island, Pender Island, Salt Spring Island and Saturna Island.  Although Mayne Island did not feel the full force of this storm there was a 48 plus hours power outage on Mayne Island.  

Galiano and other SGI locations have many areas still without power.

Sadly there has been extensive damage to the Galiano Cemetery.  Our Sexton, Jack Garton, and other members of the community (including Ralph Griffiths and Hans Von Hagen) are working towards a project plan to restore the cemetery.  A damage assessment is underway.  

Because of the danger to anyone on the cemetery premises during this period the area is "yellow-taped" for safety.  The community is advised to refrain from visiting the cemetery until the danger has been contained.  

All avenues are being pursued to restore the cemetery to its previous state.  Thank you to the community for your support and understanding.